Continuity of care: Speech Therapy from Childhood through to Adulthood

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Newcastle Speech Pathology

Harrison Speech Pathology is a leading speech therapy clinic in Newcastle with hands-on experience in helping children learn and assisting adults to develop critical life skills.

Our team of experienced speech pathology professionals in Newcastle can help you and your family achieve your speech therapy goals by truly getting to know your child and helping them enjoy therapy.

We offer a range of speech therapy services and programs for young children, adolescents and adults, with all our Speech Pathologists offering their own unique experience and understanding to help the client achieve the best results possible.

Our speech therapists follow the child’s lead in therapy, making therapy enjoyable and engaging to achieve optimal results.

Experienced speech therapists in Newcastle

The team at Harrison Speech Pathology offer a truly unique therapy technique to engage our clients. We are focused on making therapy as engaging as possible, letting the client lead the way in sessions to reach goals in a positive environment. Our use of technology engages young children, making an otherwise anxious first appointment enjoyable. We know what it is like to have children with autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities.

Our founder Christine Harrison has personal, daily experience as a mother supporting a child with ASD and an intellectual disability. It’s this unique insight which has shaped our clinic, which strives to make a difference in a child’s life. We are dedicated to our clients, learning their hobbies and centering the therapy around these interests. Our speech pathology team in Newcastle follow the child’s lead in therapy, making therapy as engaging as possible for optimal results. Our approach to therapy will ensure all our clients – both children and adults – will take positive steps as a result of working with our team. We want to see every child take those positive steps to become a happier, healthier person, and our team will help develop a strategy to get them there. Please get in touch with our team today, our Newcastle speech pathology team would love to help you and your child.

Adult therapy

Our practice offers a wide range of services for adults to help improve their communication skills in Newcastle. From post-stroke therapy to helping our clients improve their expressive language skills we will help you reach your communication goals.

We will consult with you and assess your needs, and create goals which will be achieved with ongoing treatment. All our speech therapists tailor your treatment plan for you based on your individual capabilities and goal objectives.

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