Speech Therapy for Adults

Our practice offers speech therapy services for adults in Lake Macquarie

Harrison Speech Pathology offers a range of speech therapy services for adults. We will consult with you and assess your needs, and create goals which will be achieved with ongoing treatment. Our therapists will tailor a treatment plan for you based on your individual capabilities and goal objectives.

What is speech therapy for adults?

Adult therapy is utilised to target impairments which an adult may have regarding their speech abilities, fluency, voice, reading skills or swallowing abilities. The greatest areas of functional impairment will be the focus of intervention whilst also maximising skill strengths which the individual possesses.

What can I expect from a speech therapy session?

Individuals will be provided with a therapeutic approach which focuses on the functional impairment present and offers strategies and techniques to assist target the area of concern and strengthen overall communication abilities.

How will speech therapy benefit me?

Many adults will experience a significant boost in self confidence and self esteem as a result of ongoing therapy. Being able to communicate effectively is a huge part of adult life, and a crucial part of building lasting relationships. Ongoing speech therapy may also improve career opportunities for individuals.

Therapy may focus on expressive language skills, receptive language skills, reading and/or writing. Whatever the area of concern may be will be the focus of intervention whilst also maximising skill strengths for each individual.

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