Hanen Speech Pathology Program in Newcastle

Our Newcastle specialist speech therapists are trained in providing Hanen family-focused programs.

What is Hanen treatment?

Hanen treatment is an evidence-based therapy approach which can be provided in a group format or individually with a client and their caregivers. At Harrison Speech Pathology in Newcastle our preference is to provide individual Hanen intervention tailored to each client and their specific areas of impairment requiring intervention.

Does my child suit Hanen treatment?

Children who have a language impairment – delayed expressive and/or receptive language skills would be best suited to a Hanen treatment program.

What does Hanen treatment involve?

Hanen treatment programs train parents in strategies to enhance their interactions with their child which supports language development and target delayed or disordered language skills.

How will Hanent treatment benefit my child?

Hanen has been proven to improve a child’s understanding of language and ability to communicate. Through working with the client’s caregivers and training them in the Hanen approach, results are more efficient as the therapy continues in the home, as well as in our clinics.

What Hanen treatments do you provide?

  • More than words – The More Than Words Program was designed for parents of children ages 5 and under on the autism spectrum and with other social communication difficulties. It focuses on the development of a child’s play, imitation and social communication skills.
  • It takes two to talk – The It Takes Two to Talk Program is appropriate for parents of young children – birth to 5 years of age – who have been identified as having a language delay.
  • Target word – This program assists parents of children under the age of 30 months who are saying only a few words or children who, by the age of 24 months, are not combining their words into two-word combinations.
  • Talkability – This program provides strategies to parents of verbal children ages 3-7 with social communication difficulties, providing practical ways to help their child learn social skills.

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