What is NDIS funding?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding and support for people living with a disability. Each eligible person will receive an individualised funding plan based on their functional needs and goals they wish to achieve.

What is the difference between NDIS and NDIA?

The NDIS is a national system that provides support to those living with a disability. The NDIA is the government agency that implements and manages the NDIS to ensure continued support for each individual.

How is my funding managed?

There are three different ways that your NDIS funding can be managed.

  • Agency (NDIA)-managed: Providers claim each individual session from your plan and NDIA pays the provider.
  • Plan-managed: A plan manager will pay providers for you and also assist you in keeping track of your funds.
  • Self-managed: You are the manager of your own funds and pay providers directly and NDIA will then reimburse you.

Can I claim speech pathology sessions through my NDIS funding?

Yes. You can definitely claim speech pathology assessment and intervention using your NDIS funding.

How long do plans go for?

Plan lengths can range in time. Majority of plans will be for 12 months with the goals within each individual plan being reviewed every 12 months. This is to ensure individual goals are kept up to date as the participant progresses and their functional needs change and develop.

What happens when my plan is expiring?

When your plan end date is coming up providers such as Speech Pathologists will be required to complete an updated assessment and progress report for NDIA to review prior to providing a participant with a new plan.

How do I start speech pathology sessions with my funding?

If you would like to access speech pathology assessment and intervention using your funding, give Harrison Speech Pathology a call. We will assist you in booking in an initial assessment and provide you with recommendations for ongoing therapy sessions to make the best use of your NDIA funding.

If you require any further information, please refer to the NDIS website directly or give us a call to discuss your questions.

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